At the E Street Band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Roy Bittan, piano player for the band, said this:

“When we are called into the studio we are not handed a piece of paper with music to play. We are entrusted with the responsibility to use our music instincts and our particular vision to create a record.” This statement by the E Street Band’s piano player says so much about Bruce Springsteen’s stature as a leader and the respect the band members have of him and their craft.

“We are entrusted with the responsibility…”

  • They understand that what they are about to create will reflect on their leader’s reputation
  • They acknowledge that Bruce trusts them to maintain that reputation
  • They respect Bruce and his music and do not want their efforts to tarnish him or his music

“…to use our music instincts and our particular vision”

  • They understand that Bruce has given them latitude to use the music they individually believe will produce a great record
  • They also know that their individual vision must meld with the other musicians’ visions to preserve the E Street sound
  • They understand that Bruce respects them as musicians and has great trust in their instincts

Great teams build great trust. They build great respect for one another. This trust and respect allow them to pursue and accomplish the team’s goal without fear that their individual reputations will be diminished by another member of the team.

Be a great leader and build great teams with Trust and Respect.


Have a Great Blahless Day!