How I Got Involved in Leadership Development

Where I began

I was in my early twenties when I was introduced to two courses conducted by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, more commonly called the Jaycees. Those two courses, Personal Dynamics and Leadership Dynamics, just resonated with me. I not only took them but became an instructor. Since that time, now some 45 years later, I am still a student of personal and organizational leadership development, as well as a course developer and instructor. 


What my education and experience taught me about leadership development in organizations 

  • It has most definitely taught me that organizations, whether for-profit or volunteer, will become more successful by providing on-going, educational opportunities for personal growth and leadership development for their employees or volunteer workers.
  • Also, it made me a firm believer in the necessity for everyone in an organization to clearly understand an organization’s values, why the organization does what it does, and how each individual’s effort contributes to the organization’s vision.
  • Finally, I have learned, and believe in, the importance of an organization developing a culture that puts great value on building leaders who understand the power of building positive relationships with customers, clients, between employees and volunteers, and team members.


Where my leadership education and experience came from  

  • My parents were volunteers, so growing up I learned that volunteer service in your community was important and was enjoyable. When I was twenty-one I became president of a community service organization, later served as president of another, as well as a state officer, and also was a board member of the chamber of commerce in my small Indiana community.
  • Moving to Ohio in 1979, I continued being involved in volunteer organizations and in time became involved in the Masonic fraternity, held multiple leadership positions and am still actively participating. My involvement has allowed me to originate and facilitate, a personal and leadership development program for the state Masonic organization in Ohio that has had over 1,200 participants to date. I am also a content creator and leadership instructor for Freemason University an educational website created by The Grand Lodge of Ohio
  • For fifteen years I have led a team of leadership instructors for Shriners International, headquartered in Tampa, Florida. We develop and deliver leadership training for the officers of our 197 Shrine Centers located in the US, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Bolivia and Germany.
  • In 2011, I become a founding partner of the John Maxwell Team an international organization of 20,000 coaches, trainers and speakers led by Dr. John C. Maxwell. I also am a founding partner of The Deeper Path Team, led by Dr. Kary Oberbrunner. We are an international group of coaches who help individuals find their true passions in life and help them create a path to achieve it.


What my leadership experiences have taught me 

My involvement with leadership development has taught me that there is potential in everyone to learn to be a leader, and if you are already a leader, you can become a better one. I know I have changed by studying and teaching leadership. I can say I’m a better husband – 46 years with my wife and still learning, a better father, and a better servant to the organizations to which I belong. Also, I am a better servant leader for my community.


a little bit about me…

I enjoy creating for others an atmosphere of leadership learning that improves the individual, inspires creative thinking, and produces outstanding, imaginative leaders for their organizations.

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