Take a look at this video clip from the Dead Poets Society starring Robin Williams

How many times do we get dragged into a discussion about a subject, a project, a process or even a person and immediately our mind goes to the traditional or prevailing thought. I was once presenting at a leadership conference and when describing this mindset I said we “get dragged into the blah.”

Robert Fritz, in his book The Path of Least Resistance, says that we all go through life taking the path of least resistance. Our natural tendency is to revert to the paths we know because stepping off these paths most times causes some level of pain. None of us like pain.

But clearing our mind of all the blah or as Robin Williams did in the movie jump upon our desk, allows us to initiate the process of using our imaginations. We use our “what ifs.” You then can ask; “what if we did this?” or “what if we did that?”

Part of being an effective leader is being creative. Creativity starts by forgetting about what’s been done or said in the past. It starts by taking out a clean sheet of paper and start writing down your dreams; for you and then your organization.

Go ahead jump up on your desk and look around.  I dare you.


Have a Great Blahless Day!